Improving Accuracy in using Powder and Bullet Methods on a Muzzleloader Rifle

Consistency Is Key for Muzzleloader Accuracy

Muzzleloaders follow the same principles for accuracy as hunting rifles. The key to accuracy when hand-loading a hunting rifle is consistency every time. Give your rifle some extra attention and follow these tips every time you pour powder and seat a bullet into your muzzleloader and you will be rewarded with many bucks this hunting season. Of course, look for compatible scopes at to help you have better accuracy.

Foul Play

Muzzleloaders are notorious about fouling. Now and then, you’ll find a muzzleloader that is accurate with a clean bore, but most prefer to be a bit dirty. Before you take your first shot, begin cracking two primers down your clean barrel. Then load and shoot twice. Compare the impact points. If your shots are noticeably off from each other, your barrel probably needs to be shot once before you take it out hunting to improve the accuracy.

Picking the Right Powder

Pellet form powder is one great con venience for muzzleloader hunters. This method uses powder in pellets that are easy to handle and ignite reliably. However, many muzzleloaders have improved accuracy with loose powder that is measured out shot to shot. You can pre-charge small plastic tubes to carry on your next hunt. This technique is nearly as convenient as pellets.

Just like when you are testing different brands of factory ammo for your centerfire rifle, you will get improved accuracy when you try different brands and charge weights with a muzzleloader. Testing different printers should use this method as well.

Take A Seat

Another tip for improving muzzleloader accuracy is to make sure you use the correct amount of pressure you use when seating your bullet. Some competitive muzzleloader shooters will go so far as to use a scale to gauge the force they are applying to their ramrods when charging their rifles. Consistency in your method is important! The best way to build that up is by practicing at the range and using a conscious routine to develop the same feel from shot to shot.

The most important tip is to make sure you’re fully seating the bullet on top of your powder in your rifle. Any gaps between powder and bullet will ruin the accuracy of your muzzleloader.

The Best Bullets

Follow the same techniques as when choosing your muzzleloader powder; try different brands and weights of bullets in your muzzleloader rifle. The best method is experimentation and careful note-taking at the range until you dial in the most accurate bullet for your muzzleloader. One size does not fit all!

Swabbing Skills

As always, consistency is the most important technique for muzzleloader accuracy. Use the same swab bing steps between each shot. A standard method for accuracy is to run one spit-wet patch down to the breech plug, back up 3 or 4 inches, down again and out after every shot. One trick is to keep a load in your mouth between muzzleloader shots to pre-moisten it.

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