How to Pick an Immigration lawyer

Let say you get stuck in a situation like processing a visa, green card, or you want to extend education visa in a foreign country, what would you do? In this kind of situation, you need someone who can provide legal advice and can help you to complete the paperwork needed for immigration. In addition, someone who knows the laws and the orderly process of immigration will help you escape from a stressful situation you’re dealing with. This is when immigration lawyers come into the picture. But with all of the benefits you can get from hiring an immigration attorney and the cost of money associated with it, how do you pick the appropriate immigration lawyer for you? This article will go through some tips for picking an immigration lawyer to help you with your case.

Review Profiles

There are great number ofimmigration lawyers in the field. Some are already dealing with pile of cases that they might not be able to focus on your case. Others are not experienced enough and are just starting to build their portfolios. There are also attorneys who are terrible and mediocre that they are just after your money. Helping you is not their main interests. That is why it is important to thoroughly research an immigration lawyers profile before hiring them. You can also do background checking and scan over their portfolios and resume.

Consult with Your Network

Another best way in picking an immigration attorney is to ask referral from your reliable networks: friends, colleagues, and relatives. You’ll have less doubt when you know that you’re receiving a legal advice from an attorney recommended by your trusted friend.

Negotiate Fees

Law firms usually charge servicers per hour. But some law firms also charge fixed fees for preparing and filing of your case. You should always choose to pay a fixed fee for a law firm’s services so you’ll know exactly when the processing of the case will be completed. Other firms take advantage of clients who opt to pay per hour by prolonging the process.

Hire a Lawyer Who Speaks Your Language

Choose a lawyer who speaks your language fluently. This is an important factor you have to consider in choosing a lawyer. Communication can be both a barrier and strength in processing your case. If you don’t speak the same language, there might be misunderstanding but when you and your lawyer speak the same language, the flow and transfer of information will be fast and efficient.

Although countries have different system of immigration, such as European immigration lawyer has different approaches compared to Toronto immigration lawyer or us immigration lawyer, knowing the basic factors to consider when choosing an immigration attorney will definitely guide you and keep you on track and stable in processing your case or visa requests.

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