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How To Make Your Own Crotchet Hooks?

What are crotchet hooks?

A crotchet hook is a needle or a tool used to interlock threads or weave them into loops.

How can you make your own?

In order to make crotchet stitches, you need to have a proper Haaknaalden. Finding the proper size of the hook that you require can be hard at times as not all the shops keep the desired hooks of your choice. If you are more of a DIY person, then here are a few steps to craft your own little crotchet hooks.

Choose the material

The first step is to choose in what kind of material you want your hooks to be, do you want a normal tree branch or are you looking for hardwood or even normal plastic or wooden straight pieces like that of chopsticks.If you choose a chopstick for the hook, make sure that they are hard and long lasting, probably made of bamboo.

Choose the length of the hook

Now it is very important to know how long your crotchet hook is going to be. If you do not know anything about the length, just keep it 6 inches long.

Cut the material into the length you want it to be in,

or else keep it a bit longer. You would have to carve the wood piece anyway, so it is better that you keep the length longer instead of shorter, as would not be able to increase the length later.

Mark a point at the end which will work like the hook

You can do this using a pencil sharpener or a knife.

Carve the hook’s top into a neck, and make sure that it is round if not properly cylindrical. Also, it should be smooth and symmetrical.

Mark a cut where the initial cut for the hook has to be put.

  • Make a 45 degree angled carve just beneath that mark.
  • Widen this cut
  • Make the initial cut’s end points higher.
  • You are done with your brand new crotchet hook.
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