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How General And Cosmetic Dentistry Los Alamitos Differ?

It is necessary to understand the difference between general and cosmetic dentistry Los AlamitosIt helps to choose a dentist that is suitable for your genuine oral health needs.

General dentistry 

  • A general dentist addresses dental issues associated with discomfort, pain and oral hygiene.
  • Root canals, filling cavities, and tooth extractions are typically performed at Voltera dental clinic.
  • A couple of cosmetic procedures like bonding and teeth whitening are also performed.

Cosmetic dentistry

  • A cosmetic dentist helps in enhancing the look of your teeth.
  • Procedures like inlays and outlays, porcelain veneers, dentures, fixed implants, smile makeover, teeth whitening, and tooth-colored fillings are performed under cosmetic dentistry.

Training similarities and dissimilarities between general and cosmetic dentistry

  • Initial training in both is similar.
  • General treatment like regular checkups, dental crowns, cavities filling, teeth repair, teeth whitening, and hygiene appointments can be got in both kinds of the dentist office.
  • A general dentist concentrates mainly on routine treatment and preventative measures.
  • Cosmetic dentists need specific training in the aesthetic field and develop skills necessary to enhance teeth appearance attending special programs.

Cost difference

  • Usually, charges of both are the same.
  • Slight variation in cost maybe because of the material quality used like premium dental labs for a porcelain crown or better bonding material is used.

How to decide which dentist to go to?

  • If your concern is about aesthetics, see a cosmetic dentist associated with ADA or some other recognized affiliates.
  • While choosing a general dentist find one that can keep your mouth healthy, functioning well, and help to achieve a great aesthetic smile.

Choose wisely!

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