Geo Challenge on Facebook, Are You Up to the Challenge?

Geo Challenge on Facebook is a game about travel. The premise of the game is that you have tourists that come from all over the world and would like to go to various places. It is your job to assist in all aspects of the tourists’ travel plans. These plans are broken up into four challenging trivia games. In this guide to Geo Challenge on Facebook you will learn how to do all four challenges. It is surely not as complex as playing a game of situs roulette online terpercaya

Suitcase Shuffle

To start off your tourists, their luggage needs to go to the correct country. This portion of the game has a conveyor belt with a blank piece of luggage traveling down it. At the beginning of the round, you will need to choose between three suitcases that are marked with flags from countries. On the top of the screen is the name of a country. All you have to do is pick the correctly marked suitcase by clicking on it. As you progress in this stage, the suitcases will increase to six. Can’t figure out for sure which suitcase is the one? Not to worry, some of the suitcases will go away the longer you take. This gives you a better chance to guess if you are not sure. Of course the quicker you choose the correct one, the more points you receive.

Map Mayhem

Now that you are finished misplacing some poor sod’s luggage, you send them on to their chosen destination. This is done by looking at a map shape and guessing correctly what country the shape is. There are four choices to choose from in Geo Challenge on Facebook. This sounds relatively easy and it is if you know the exact shape of the country you are looking at. Just click on the name of the country to choose. If you are not sure, you can wait and the map will zoom out a bit to show you the surrounding countries. This helps you to get a feel of where it is located and hopefully narrows your choices. Now that you have lost our tourists luggage and sent him to China instead of France, we move on to the Cities.

City Blitz

So he doesn’t have his clothes and now he is not even in the country he wanted. Maybe in this stage, you can get him to the city of his choice, even if it’s not in the country he originally chose. In this stage of the game you are shown the word map and are given the name of a city. You must click on the correct area of the world to get points. The closer to correct you are, the more points it is worth. If you are not sure, you can wait a little while and Geo Challenge on Facebook will give you the country the city is in.

Landmark Loco

What? No luggage, wrong country and city? Are you sure you are a tour guide? Maybe you can find a landmark or two. In this stage, you look at a picture on the screen and it will show a famous landmark. Click where you think this land mark is on the world map. If you are close you will gain points.

Tour Guide Extraordinaire

How did you do? Is it harder than you thought? Is the Better Business Bureau asking questions about you? Not to worry. When you play Geo Challenge on Facebook, the mistakes that you make will show you the correct choice as well. This way you will develop a better knowledge of the flags, maps, countries, cities, and landmarks. After a little practice you will be up to the Geo Challenge.

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