Fonts- Make your Writings Look Great

Whenever there is a discussion about computers, there are many things that pop up in mind where youngsters would think of their favorite games, surfing the internet and watching their favorite YouTube videos for songs and their preferred movies on OTT platforms like Netflix and Amazon Prime.

The other set are the office going people that are leading figures in the corporate or business industry that slog it out day and night trying to meet their targets and managing the appointed deadlines and who consider a computer and laptop as their means for earning bread and butter.

It is many things for many people like for example, if you are into writing, you would be interested in having your own blogosphere where you can write personal blogs on various topics for which you would need your personal website.

Crux Issue

Certain people who are into writing online don’t bother about the font size as they are too focused on their work, which is no less than a passion for them but if you don’t have the correct font size then it won’t be attractive to other people who will stumble upon your articles.

Therefore, it is important to mention about some important tips that will help them in choosing and using fonts in a proper manner.

They are as follows:

  • People who are into web designing have to choose a single text box on a particular page that has the same font size but it would look odd so therefore split up your text into different text boxes so that you can try out size and color of fonts at the same time

  • Free font websites are few and far between so ensure that all the text boxes are in the same alignment that is available in 3 parts: left, right and centre
  • Keep your brand image in mind while working on the fonts so that all your characters are well defined
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