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Fascinating Health Perks Licorice Root Offers

Healthy diet, exercise and supplements are great for maintaining wellness. Reading testogen reviews should give you big ideas about using pills for health perks. But some natural ingredients do wonders as well. Such as licorice  roots among others.

Licorice root is one of those herbs that sits quietly on the shelf and is often overlooked, yet it has so many health benefits and uses that it should be center stage. Here are just a few of the great many health benefits of Licorice root in every day health.

Licorice root is great for depression. Unlike St. John’s Wort, which can actually weaken birth control in women, Licorice root is a great alternative for depression and anxiety symptoms by keeping adrenal hormones (like cortisol, which is a stress-fighter found naturally in the body) from breaking down. This keeps the body naturally calmer and more able to fight off stress.

Licorice is also an immune booster, partly due to its ability to keep the stress-fighting hormones of the body in check. Since the body is less taxed, the body is more able to fight off viruses and infections, and remain healthy overall. Drinking a cup of Licorice root tea daily can help boost the immune system during times when flu and other viruses and illnesses are floating around. Licorice root also works with the body’s immune system by increasing the levels in the chemical interferon, which is a compound which makes the immune system that much stronger.

Licorice root is excellent for relieving ulcers, stomach pain, headaches, heartburn and acids in the stomach, and can aide in indigestion as well. Taken in larger amounts (such as a few cups of tea), Licorice root acts as a mild laxative as well for constipation, and lowers acid levels in the stomach.

For colds and coughs, Licorice root works wonders to break up mucous and allow the body to expel the nasty, thick fluid and fight off the viruses with the increased levels of interferon. Licorice root helps to soothe the throat and make asthma and chest colds less severe, making an individual able to break better and break up the mucous in the chest cavities that makes breathing difficult.

Licorice is healing for the liver, so it helps with Hepatitis symptoms and helps to cleanse out the body and keep the virus from coming on so strong in the liver. Antioxidants in Licorice root can help lessen inflammation and swelling of a suffering liver and help it heal more quickly.

Licorice root may even aide against bad cholesterol plaque clogging up the arteries, leading to a healthy heart. 100 mg taken of Licorice root daily can help keep bad cholesterol from clogging arteries, and help keep the heart healthier.

Talk to your doctor before starting any herbal regimen, and see if Licorice root is healthy to add to your daily health. With many health benefits, Licorice root should certainly not be overlooked.

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