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Facebook: Privacy Comes First! Why? Have a Look

Our ways of communicating have changed over the years. We’ve gone from handwritten letters to landline phones, to emails and cell phones. The newest type of communication is social networking. One of the most popular social networking sites is Facebook. Facebook is a website where you can keep up with old and new friends. Although Facebook can be fun and entertaining, you should proceed with caution and be mindful of who is reading your updates and looking at your pictures. Here I will provide some information to insure your safety on using Facebook.

First you should approve friend requests of those you know. Approving only familiar people will eliminate spammers and viruses coming to your account. Someone can disguise themselves as someone else and try to gain personal information. Notice if the requester has mutual friends with you, this can determine if you know who they are.

Next, adjust your privacy settings. Facebook has plenty of security options. You can go to account settings to change your privacy settings. Let’s start with personal information and settings. This will allow you to change who can see your posts and your wall. It also allows others to see what you have post on your friends’ wall. Your wall shows your picture updates, status changes and personal information. When you click personal information and settings, Facebook gives you the option of who can view this information. There’s the option of everybody, friends only, friend of friends and customizable. I love the custom tool because you can pick who you want to view your page information.

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Facebook allows you to adjust who could see your IM screen name, mobile number, address and email address. I strongly advise not to post your number or address online unless it’s for business use. The internet can be a dangerous place if you aren’t careful with your personal information. Keep in mind that once you submit your information it is there forever.

Adjusting you photo privacy is also a good idea. This option is available when you upload your pictures. Each photo album can be adjusted. If you have photos of your children or some pictures that shouldn’t be seen by everyone, I highly suggest adjusting your pictures. Be aware that when you upload your photos from your mobile phone that it automatically allows everyone to see your pictures. This can be adjusted by changing your photo settings.

Lastly, I would proudly advise making a block list. Blocking another user is a way to prevent them from finding you through the search engine. This will also make your wall post invisible to that user.

Although there are many ways to keep your Facebook page private, it’s not guaranteed that your information cannot be seen by the unwanted. Don’t get overwhelmed; Facebook is a wonderful site but proceed with caution.

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