El Chapo – Excessive Possessions Of The Drug King!

El Chapo is treated as Mexican drug king and used to lead the Sinaloa Cartel. The Sinaloa Cartel is the world-famous criminal organization that belongs to Mexican Pacific coast. We have specifically designed the article after going through El Chapo trial in which the verdict of all 10 cases is arriving soon. The case is being handled by extremely popular Jeffrey Lichtman Lawyer and he has presented a relentless defense to protect the lord king.

El Chapo has strong roots in the drug market and he has been able to ship many tons of cocaine to Mexico and different parts of USA. The organization “Sinaloa Cartel” has been involved in wrong activities like smuggling, murdering and plenty more. Making a move on to the real topic, we will now discuss out the excessive possessions of this particular drug king.

  1. Till now El Chapo have been using landing strips for quick and easy supply of the drugs. According to the reports, there were around 850 landing strips and all these strips were secured by the local police. It is basically the bribe offered to these police men has allowed El Chapo to spread his wings in the entire USA.
  2. Just apart from using Landing strips, even EL Chapo has been using fleet of trucks for making swift movement of the drugs. These trucks are using bulletproof glasses and there have been reports of weaponry present inside these trucks too.
  3. Another expensive possession comes in the form of a French jet which was not being used for the transportation of drugs but only for the personal use of El Chapo. The plane was further converted by the drug king into a lavish one thus completely revealing the kind of lifestyle he used to enjoy.
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