Effects Of Vaping To Your Oral Health

While it is already a given fact that smoking cigars damage also your oral health, there are still some doubts if vaporizers also produce the same effect. Everyone knows that vaping is somehow better than cigarettes, but studies still show that there are still health risks being imposed by these electronic cigarettes.

With the continuous growth of e-cigarette’s popularity, it is important to know the effects that it gives to your health. In terms of oral health, here are some consequences that vaping does to you.

Bacteria buildup

According to recent studies, the aerosol produced by vaporizers causes an increase in bacteria in the teeth or the gums of the person using it, which causes cavities, tooth decay, and gum diseases.

 Gum Inflammation

Another study about e-cigars has shown that using vaporizers can also trigger your gum tissues causing it to be inflamed. Gum inflammation can also cause some different periodontal diseases.

 Cell Death

Other than gum inflammation, the aerosols that you take when vaping also damages the DNA of your live cells. If that happens, the cells won’t grow and divide, which speeds up cell aging and eventually leads to cell death.

 Dry Mouth

There are many different types of vape juices by brand that you can use for your vaporizers. Some of those—especially the ones that contain propylene glycol—causes the mouth to be dry. Mouth dryness is one of the reasons for mouth sores, bad breath, and also tooth decay.

Since vaping is still not much of an old thing, there are still some risks that are yet to be discovered; which might impose greater risks to the health. So far, researches and studies show that there are lower risks when using vaporizers than cigarettes in almost every aspect.

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