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Easy Steps to Clean Your Boiler

In order to maintain the quality of your heating system, it is important to clean your boiler regularly. Ideally, cleaning your boiler is a crucial step in order to lower heating costs and to bolster the life of your system. Since boilers are continuously working by providing heat to your home and proving hot water as well, grime and dust build up over time.

This can certainly clog your tubes and pipes which can lead to lowering the boiler’s efficiency. That said, cleaning your boiler regularly should always be considered. Generally, you can clean your boiler with very easy steps. All you need are cleaning brushes, a vacuum cleaner and a screwdriver set.

The first step that you need to take of course is to turn off the boiler. Before getting started or before doing anything, make sure to switch the device first. After that, you need to wat 2 to 3 hours for the device to cool down so you won’t burn yourself. When the unit is no longer hot, remove the front and top cover using screwdrivers. Consequently, scrub the tubes and clean the boiler unit by using your cleaning brush. Make sure to remove all the carbon, soot and dust inside the unit. You also have to brush the vent stack.

Next, was the burner tubes using a clean water and let it dry. By using your vacuum cleaner, clean the outside and bottom of the boiler. If you see any obstructions from around the unit, make sure to remove them from the area.

Lastly, once your unit is clean already, reassemble all the parts of the boiler and restart your system. Wait for the thermostat to go back to its normal temperature and check a blue fame. After that, make a final check if the unit is working normally. You can visit this site for more information: https://www.compareboilerquotes.co.uk/


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