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Dieting is a Waste of Time

Here’s some truth for you, no matter how unpopular or politically incorrect it may be:

  1. You’re overweight because you’re eating too much food.
  2. Dieting doesn’t work.

Dieting doesn’t work over the long term because it’s time-limited thinking. You know, “I want to lose ten pounds in one month’.

The problem is simple. Time-limited thinking is not a lifestyle decision; by it’s very nature it’s a short-term goal. You can lose ten pounds in a month but what’s stopping you from gaining it back over the next month?

Long-term weight loss requires a change in the way you eat and that makes it a lifestyle choice.

Take a positive stance and make the following commitment to yourself, ‘I want to eat properly, each and every day, for the rest of my life’.

Does the following describe you?

You probably eat fairly well-balanced meals for supper and lunch. These meals may be well-balanced but are almost certain to contain too many calories. If you’re a typical North American these two meals will set you at the 2200 calorie a day level.

You probably don’t eat breakfast. If you do it’s probably just a muffin or some version of breakfast dished out by the fast-food chains. These fast-food breakfasts will be high in calories, fat, and will contain refined sugar-even in the meat and bread.

Aside Rant: Muffins are junk food. Most muffins will be over 400 calories, have no protein, and will be chock full of refined sugar and oil-that’s why they taste so good.

You probably eat two junk food snacks a day and drink a couple of cans of Coke or other soft drink. Junk food is full of refined sugar, oils, and preservatives and will contain an exorbitant amount of calories.

It’s very likely that you don’t exercise and that your work isn’t physically demanding.

Adding the breakfast, lunch, supper, and the junk food together you’ll easily be consuming 2500 to 3500 calories a day.

Your basal metabolic rate is unlikely to be higher than 1600 calories per day. Therefore you’ll be overeating by 900 to 1900 calories a day. No wonder you’re overweight!

The basal metabolic rate is the amount of calories you burn when you do absolutely nothing-yes your body does burn calories when you’re sitting on your rump or sleeping. Do a Google search and you’ll get the exact information you need on your basal metabolic rate.


Eat less at each meal, eat more than three meals a day, and balance the intake of your food between fat, protein , and carbohydrates. Most importantly don’t eat junk food and eliminate all refined sugar from your food-use Splenda. Never eat out at a restaurant unless the restaurant fully discloses the amount of calories and the exact content of the food-you’re looking to see if they have added sugar to the food, which is a very common thing to do.

The body needs energy throughout the day and if you feed it more often the craving for food is greatly diminished. I don’t know where the tradition of eating only three meals a day came from. Wherever it came from it’s not healthy. I eat at least five times a day starting with breakfast and ending with a meal a couple of hours before I go to sleep.

My breakfast is usually a glass of milk and two pieces of toast with margarine. My lunch is usually 250 ml of yogurt. Supper is usually four ounces of skinned chicken breast with some fruit. About three hours after supper I’ll usually have a no-sugar ice cream cone (Splenda) and then just before bed I’ll have another glass of milk and a piece of toast. Basically I try to eat about every three hours and my total daily caloric intake comes in at around 1650 calories which for my weight, height, sex, and activity level is ideal.

That’s the amount I eat if I’m not doing any exercise; I’ll eat more if I do exercise.

Refined sugar disrupts the hormonal balance of your body and , over time, is actually toxic to your system. Splenda is an excellent sugar replacement with zero calories and according to all studies to date, no adverse reactions-tastes fairly good as well.

When you first start to eat right, as above, you’ll feel hungry and have hunger pangs. There’s two main reasons for the hunger pangs: your stomach is too large and you’re eating significantly less. It will take at least seven days before your body starts adapting to your new eating habits. Prepare yourself for the pain and understand it won’t last a long time.

If you want to lose the excess pounds you’ll actually have to eat less than your basal metabolic rate. Lower it by about 200 calories a day but still follow the advice given above. Once your hormones are brought into balance and you reduce your daily caloric (200) intake you’ll see a relatively quick loss in weight.

Losing the weight isn’t the hardest part. The hardest part is setting your mind to the task of changing your lifestyle. There’ll be many obstacles along the road not the least of which is your own self-image.

Many will fail to lose their weight not because the science or tasks are difficult but because they are incapable of denying themselves the ‘treats’ and ‘comfort’ of overeating. You may also want to consider to go to weight loss clinic in Houston but there are still a lot of things to do and to consider. 

Best of luck to you.

Kris is our in-house writer with a lot of experience under her belt. She loves to provide her insight about the market trends and her predictions about market trends are often on point.