Cheap Wood Briquettes: Everything You Should Know

Wood briquettes are fast becoming very popular for home usage. These are great for heating the home during the worst of winters. They are cheap and easy to use. They can be used to cook meals and they are better for the environment compared to coal. This blog looks at cheap wood briquettes and how they can benefit you. This blog will explain what wood briquettes and logs are and how we can use them to save money.

Why are they so cheap?

Wood briquettes are extremely cheap, especially in comparison to a coal fired boiler. This is mainly due to the taxes imposed by the Government. There is a very big duty and VAT on each piece of wood you are buying for burning. The import of wood briquettes and logs from India is not possible because of the high duty on them.

What are the benefits of using cheap wood briquette?

The main benefits of using cheap wood briquettes are:

  • They burn slowly which means that you can use more of it at once and increase the temperature of the wood stove or heater. This is the ideal situation for those who are using their wood stove to heat their homes.
  • They are more affordable, so they are a good substitute for coal. They are made from decent quality hardwood which makes them more stable than coal.
  • They are biodegradable which makes them a cleaner alternative to burning coal.
  • Costs of the different types of wood briquettes and logs The price of wood briquettes and logs can vary depending on where you buy them from.


odav puitbrikett  is an excellent way to reduce the amount of smoke produced, which ultimately reduces the amount of ash produced. This reduces the risk of fire.

It is generally used in the home for home heating. We can also use them in barbeques. The small amount of air inside these briquettes can keep them warm for a long time. They are made by splitting a log or a piece of wood into small pieces, then compressing and packing them together again. This can be carried out manually or automatically. You can put the wood inside a drum or cylinder.

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