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Facebook: Privacy Comes First! Why? Have a Look

Our ways of communicating have changed over the years. We’ve gone from handwritten letters to landline phones, to emails and cell phones. The newest type of communication is social networking. One of the most popular social networking sites is Facebook. Facebook is a website where you can keep up with old and new friends. Although […]

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Are you allowed to buy followers for tiktok? Read the article below to unveil!

Tiktok is the platform which is in trend nowadays as this platform has en number of users, the tiktok is the platform which enables various common to get fame, and the right content videos have more chances to get famous. The tiktok is the platform in which anything can be in trend as the transitions are the main reason behind […]

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The Dangers of Social Media and Why I Quit

In an era engulfed into social media, being one of the only people you know not on any sites usually places me as the odd ball out. I sampled the major ones such as Myspace, and Facebook, as well as writing and dating sites. The first time I was ever introduced to the Internet, I […]