Best Label Makers For Home Or Office Purposes

When I was young, I loved back-to-school shopping and getting all those new notebooks and pens for the new school year. Now as an adult, I enjoy office supplies, and I am always on the lookout for the best products for office organization. One of the most useful products you want to have in your […]


Does Target Discriminate Against Coupon Users?

When Carrie Heck of Edwardsville, IL walked into her local Target Store, she expected to use coupons as usual. Never did she dream she would end up being kicked out of the store simply because she was using coupons. Manufacturers routinely promote the use of their products via coupons for cents of the purchase price. […]


Movie Review – Borat: Cultural Learnings Of America For Make Benefit Glorious Nation Of Kazakhstan

Sacha Baron Cohen introduced his sexist, socially inept Kazakhstan reporter Borat on his Ali G show on HBO several years back, and now in 2006, we’re presented with a full feature starring the character. Thankfully, the film sidesteps the mistakes made by Cohen’s Ali G movie and mixes satirically improvised interviews with scripted sections. The […]

Gaming Guide

Valentine’s Day Party Games For Six Year Old Kids

Six year old kids love parties, but birthday parties are not the only occasions to celebrate and have a good time. According to research, casino night helps provide students with a fun moment together. Hence, it is one of the considerations that you must be given importance for your kid’s happiness. Valentine’s Day is a […]


Building with Salvaged Materials

While the idea of using salvaged materials isn’t new – it’s been practiced on a global scale for centuries – the idea of implementing it as a “green” idea is a fairly new thought. Salvaged materials differ from recycled materials in that recycled are changed in form from one to another. They go through a […]

Guide Health

Is CBD helpful in dementia?

CBD is an oil that is extracted from the hemp plant. It induces the effects by stimulating receptors in our brain. CBD helps in reducing the symptoms of anxiety and depression. It is used in people with acne. For cancer patients, it is said that CBD can reduce or diminish the pain experienced. Cannabis herald […]

Guide Health and Fitness

What are clinically tested benefits of CBD oil?

CBD or cannabidiol is one of those 104 compounds that are also known as Cannabinoids and are found extensively in the Cannabis plant. It belongs to the Cannabis sativa species and it is a non-intoxicating compound that have been proved to offer different therapeutic benefits. If you are already aware of how to take CBD […]

Guide Sports

The Cause of the Philadelphia Sports Curse

In 1984, the Sixers were one-year removed from their dominant NBA championship. The Eagles were on a down slide but had gone to the Super Bowl four years earlier. The Phillies were in the World Series the year before, although they had lost handily to Baltimore. The Flyers were in the middle of a season […]

Guide Telephone

Telephone Directories 101 – How Telephone Directories came to be

It’s easy to spot telephone directories today. You can even see reliable reverse phone directories online by clicking on But before it have gained immense popularity and necessity, it have come a long way since 1800s first. Here’s the History of Telephone Directories The first telephone directory was launched on 21 February 1878 in […]

Guide Travel

Tis the Season to Get Bumped by Airlines

This is the season of travel, probably one of the busiest seasons of the year for the airline industry. For some travelers their travel plans may be interrupted because the airline has overbooked either the flight they are on or some other reason. This is called to be “bumped.” If you keep your head and […]