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Best Mini-Games Of The Final Fantasy Series

Final Fantasy is a video role playing game series with a long history of traditional elements in each game. Some of the most recognized of these elements are a character named Cid, chocobos, crystals, powerful summoned monsters, and a mechanized optional boss. There is another traditional game play feature that has existed since the first […]


Best Random Things That You Could Do In GTA V

GTA V by Rockstar Games is so expansive and so big that you will probably not see everything the game has to offer on your first playthrough. There are many story missions, side missions, collectibles, and other things to do in the huge open world. In this article, we will discuss some of the random […]

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Fortnite: Solo Gameplay Tips

Playing Fortnite solo comes with its own advantages and disadvantages. In order to start your game, you need Fortnite accounts Xbox. In this article, we will go through some of the best strategies and tips that you can follow in order to improve your solo game in Fortnite.  As you start the game make sure that you pay attention to […]


How to Find Love as a Gamer on online playing websites.

The Battlefield It happened on a Wednesday night in a modern urban battlefield. Lights were flashing. Smoke filled the air. Sounds of explosions and machine guns were drowned out by thumping bass and aggressive shouting. Bodies were everywhere. I lost my wingman to a grenade earlier that evening and I vowed not to become another […]


Infintie Space – DS Game Review in brief! Check this out

If you have ever had a desire to leave home and take to the stars, Infinite Space gives you about an infinite reasons to go. Join Yuri, your average silver hair angst teen, who dreams of leaving the desert planet of Tato…I mean Ropesk to fulfill his destiny of going into space. Accompanied by Nia, […]


Loss Caused My Video Game Addiction

When my father passed away suddenly and painfully from pancreatic cancer in 2011 I was devastated. Since he was in his 60s and had been disabled for quite some time, the realization that someday I’d lose him was always there. However, nothing prepared me for the terrifying way pancreatic cancer can sneak up and ravage […]

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How can a most challenging puzzle game be beneficial to you?

Most of the people with higher I.Q. level play puzzle games so that they can learn more and more things in their life. It helps in providing you various challenges that can help in enhancing the mental skills. You can easily get to download word cookies for android easily from the play store. Thus, in this way, you can […]

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Valentine’s Day Party Games For Six Year Old Kids

Six year old kids love parties, but birthday parties are not the only occasions to celebrate and have a good time. According to research, casino night helps provide students with a fun moment together. Hence, it is one of the considerations that you must be given importance for your kid’s happiness. Valentine’s Day is a […]