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A General Look at Blogging and Content

When the internet was first developed, only Websites existed. Now we have Websites and blogs. The word “Blog” is short for the term “Weblog” and a blog is simply an online diary or journal where you can post your thoughts, feeling and articles. Blogs can have several different uses. You can use them to make […]


10 Reasons Blog Quizzes Are the Best Blogging Hack Ever

Blog quiz is an important feature of blogging basics 101, and one that many bloggers tend to overlook. Let us take a look at why blog quizzes are the best blogging hack ever! Blog quizzes are fun Having some interesting and fun blog quizzes can make visiting your blog memorable for your readers. Blog quizzes […]


How To Make Money Blogging?

Blogging is an impending function in today’s world. With the rise of youth and their service to channel emotions with the help of a few words, blogging is gaining more and more importance. Now, there are times when people want to take their blogging activities up a notch and make some money out of it. […]