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Best Mini-Games Of The Final Fantasy Series

Final Fantasy is a video role playing game series with a long history of traditional elements in each game. Some of the most recognized of these elements are a character named Cid, chocobos, crystals, powerful summoned monsters, and a mechanized optional boss. There is another traditional game play feature that has existed since the first game in the series.

The first game in the Final Fantasy series included a hidden mini-game that could only be found while on the ship. If a player held down the A button and pressed the B button 55 times, a small tile puzzle appeared on the screen. Solving the puzzle simply required sliding tiles until the numbers were ordered from 1 to 15. While the puzzle was simple and difficult to find, it started the grand tradition of mini-games being present in Final Fantasy games. Mini-games have since become a staple of the series. The following are some of the best mini-games to ever appear in the Final Fantasy series.

Chocobo Hot and Cold (FF IX) – Final Fantasy IX actually included two major mini-games, though this one was the more enjoyable by far. The card based Tetra Master mini-game was quite dull and quickly ignored after players completed the plot elements that required it. Chocobo Hot and Cold, on the hand, was massively addictive. Three locations exist in the world where this game can be played. The game consists of riding a chocobo around a small area and pecking the ground. With each peck, the chocobo detects whether any buried treasure is nearby and makes noise to advise how close it is. The game has a time limit and the goal is to find as many treasures as possible in the given time. Between found treasure and the connected chocobo side quests, this game is not only fun, but can provide some of the best rewards in the game.

Blitz Ball (FF X) – Blitz Ball is so much fun that it could practically be sold as its own game. In fact, it is surprising that Square Enix hasn’t packaged it into a WiiWare game at this point. This mini-game is playable early in Final Fantasy X and is required for a small portion of plot. Even after play is no longer required, the game can be played repeatedly. Blitz Ball is such an ingrained portion of the world that a full league runs at all times and winning a league tournament can provide very unique rewards, including some Sphere Grid keys that can’t normally be found until late in the game. The amount of development put into this combination water polo and soccer game is amazing given that it is only a mini-game and not the actual game.

Triple Triad (FF VIII) – Unlike Blitz Ball, Triple Triad actually has been published as an independently playable game. This card based mini-game is so integral to Final Fantasy VIII that it can be played almost from the moment the game starts. Triple Triad starts with basic rules, but as the plot of Final Fantasy VIII progresses, the rules get more complicated. The player even has the ability to manipulate the rules of the game by playing against certain opponents. Nearly every enemy in the game can be turned into a card and cards can be synthesized into items and magic. This complicated interplay with mechanics of combat makes the game so much more interesting. Even without this interplay, game play is amazingly addictive and hours can be lost in Triple Triad battles, which can be engaged in with nearly half the characters in the game.

Some Final Fantasy games have had multiple mini-games, while others have actually had none. Surprisingly, both Final Fantasy XII and Final Fantasy XIII have no real mini-games to speak of. Conversely, Final Fantasy VII arguably has about half a dozen and so does Final Fantasy X. While the inclusion of mini-games certainly doesn’t make a Final Fantasy game automatically good, the additional content of a mini-game often adds additional appeal and nearly always improves replay value of the game. For winning in battle capabilities, the parents can Buy pokemon go accounts for the children. The engagement in video games will make the mind of the children innovative and creative.

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