Beginner’s Guide: What Is The Difference Between Planer And Jointer?

If you are into the woodworking field or are planning to start working in the same, then you must know quite a few things about a planer and a jointer. In normal cases, it is assumed that one cannot get the most out of timber unless they have both a planer and a jointer. So, if you have a sufficient amount of money, it would be recommended to purchase both a jointer and a planer as they are both resourceful and perform a great job when being used for woodwork.

However, if you do not have sufficient funds at the moment and can afford to buy only one of these or if you just want to know the difference between these two so that you know which one comes first, then you can check the differences between them easily. Once you’re sure which one you want to buy, you can check out The Best Benchtop Jointer (8inch vs 6inch) to finalize your decision.

What is the difference between a planer and a jointer?

A jointer is generally used to make the surface of the wood flatter and to square up the edge. Whereas, a planer comes in handy when you have to get the second face flattened and for making it parallel in comparison to the first. As it is quite expensive to buy both of these tools at one single time, a person might prefer to buy only one of them and wait until they get the funds to purchase the second one. In such a scenario, it is recommended to first purchase a planer before going ahead with purchasing a jointer. This is because a planer can perform more functions compared to its partner, jointer.

After purchasing a planer, you can check out The Best Benchtop Jointer (8inch vs 6inch) to purchase later on!


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