Assorted Wedding Backdrops

If you’re getting married in a place that’s not that elegant you can sure jazz it up a little without spending much money with great offering of marriage functions that are inclusive of djs lancaster pa for the party time. Most people arrange many flowers around the area where the bride and groom stand to take their vows but you can do something much different. Make a backdrop and you can create just the scene you want! It’s a great way to have fabulous wedding pictures without spending a great deal of money.

One simple backdrop you can do is a parted curtain arrangement. Purchase simple lace curtains and hang them on a curtain rod. Hang the rod on the wall and part the curtains. Wrap tie-backs around them and you’re finished. The curtains can be embellished by touching the edges with glitter-glue or you can leave them as they are.

The couple will look lovely in front of a backdrop that is made from canvas. Go online and download any number of large templates that you can take to a specialty store. FedEx Office or a similar place can handle the large file and print it onto the canvas for you. With this method you can have an image behind you of a sunset, a giant picture frame, a huge heart or another design.

Use strips of a chosen material to make yet a different type of wedding backdrop. The strips can be lace, ribbon or even crepe paper. Suspend quite a few of the strips from the ceiling and hang them side-by-side. Easily decorate the strips by gluing on fake jewels, sequin, buttons, bows or other notions. Or, use stickers or paint markers to write on the strips. Spell out the couple’s first names, “Just Married” or something else. It’s a great way to create a backdrop for the ceremony or for the photos. Leave the strips as they are hanging or cut out a giant heart or other shape before decorating them.

Some people like elegant weddings and others prefer something silly. If you like the thought of having a wedding unlike any other make a whimsical backdrop. This can be done in any number of ways. Cut a Superman image from cloth and attach him to the wall or cover the wall with a huge piece of white paper and do silhouettes in the background. Things like boxes, cardboard tubes, kid’s toys and other items work well to cast a shadow on the wall when you place a light in front of them. Draw around the shadows, and color them in with a black marker, to create a scene like a train tunnel, a huge city at night, or even a farm setting. It’s a fun way to create the unexpected and will keep your guests talking – and giggling – for years!

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