Bridging the Gap from Living Room to Classroom: FreshGrade

As teachers, we constantly find ourselves wishing there were a way to fully encapsulate what we see in the classroom. There are so many moments of greatness and so many more opportunities for growth that we capture mentally, but it’s near -impossible to communicate these moments to the parents of the children we teach. What’s more, there could be powerful learning implications for students being involved in a “third–person” review of their own performance. That is, if we could find a way to have students step outside themselves and self–evaluate their own work from another’s point of view.

Parents often only get one side of the story: their child’s. While we would hope that everything being relayed home is positive and wonderful, how many times can you recall the following interchange:

“How was school today?”
“What did you do?”
“Did you learn anything new?”

If we stop and listen to ourselves, we will notice how often we talk about the need for parent–teacher-school partnerships. We will become aware of our desire for the day’s learning to extend beyond just the short time we have in class and we will be able to recognize that no one group can do it alone. We need something that facilitates that kind of communication and moves us towards a true learning partnership. FreshGrade looks to be just that.

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