EdTech 10: Super Bowl XLIX Edition

The NFL, Super Bowl and football in general might seem completely unrelated to the world of ed and EdTech. However, after this week’s top stories you’d be surprised how similar they really are.

First, some quick correlations between the two in addition to this week’s news:

  • NFL players have unique pathways into their profession, much like GenDIY.
  • With references and phrases like Beast Mode, Revis Island, and LOB, football and ed both have a nomenclature problem.
  • Like players and coaches, students and teachers are from very different generations that makes communication tricky.

Still don’t believe there is a connection? Here’s the top 10 news stories from this week that might make you change your mind.

Blended Schools & Tools

1. The playbook. Like EdLeaders, GMs are judged on how they spend their budget. Often, the wrong decisions can get you fired if your don’t do your procurement research first. Thankfully in ed, EdLeaders have resources like the Smart Series Guide To EdTech Procurement and CRPE‘s new Blueprint for Effective and Adaptable School District Procurement.

2. Making the connection. From fantasy football to the sideline, the coordinator booth to the stands, football in 2015 is online. This level hyperconnectivity has found its way into classrooms many next-gen schools, but not all. Thanks to EducationSuperHighway, superintendents have support in making decisions that can help in upgrades vital to the future of learning.

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