EdTech 10: Recentering for Students

As we reel from the inspiring launch of Preparing Leaders for Deeper Learning, Memorial Day Weekend, and having the last laugh at Deflategate, this week has been one for recentering.

With Team Getting Smart taking a step back to huddle for our annual retreat, our staff have been busy freshening up on our public speaking skills, leadership techniques, and how we function as a mission-driven organization.

This week’s news is about stepping back, reassessing, and reorganizing with results from reports, renewing funding for schools and libraries, and award recipients to boot.

Blended Schools & Tools

1. ? It’s a Blended, House?. The Learning Accelerator, launched the Blended Learning Research Clearinghouse 1.0 to provide a summary of the implications from K-12 blended learning research to date, including historical evidence for personalized learning. Check Getting Smart research on blended here.

2. Outstanding Outcomes. New from New Tech Network (NTN) is the 2015 Student Outcome Report, the most comprehensive data produced to date on New Tech schools and students. For more on NTN, check our recent feature, Facilitating Systems Change.

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