EdTech 10: Coming Together to Focus on What Works

This week’s news takes a cue from the launch of Getting Smart on Next-Gen School Design. The new Smart Bundle shares the stories of six regional hubs for innovation through NGLC’s Regional Funds for Breakthrough Schools. In this week’s news startups, organizations, teachers and students are huddling over new tools, partnerships, and reports that are moving the needle and creating real progress on what’s working to support next-gen learning.

Blended Schools & Tools

Blended data. The Clayton Christensen and the Evergreen Education Group teamed up to share first-of-its-kind data on schools implementing blended learning. Looking for blended implementation strategies? Check out the Blended Learning Implementation Guide 3.0.

Integrating in Space City schools. Houston Independent School District uses IMS Global’s Learning Tools Interoperability Standards to integrate data from different sources. HISD uses IMS OneRoster and informed the new IMS how-to guide.

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