EdTech 10: Shining a Light on Progress

With winners announced for NewSchools Ignite’s Science Learning Challenge, 22 districts added to Digital Promise’s League of Innovative, $3 million in new awards from the US Dept. of Education for STEM, and Skills Fund raising $11.5 million… This week’s news shines a light on exciting progress in EdTech.

Blended Schools & Tools

In a league of their own. Digital Promise announced the addition of 22 districts to the League of Innovative Schools, a coalition of forward-thinking districts and district leaders (including our friends in El Paso). The League now includes 73 school districts in 33 states, representing more than 3.2 million students. Karen Cator, President and CEO of Digital Promise recently joined us in crafting 25 Impact Opportunities in US K-12 Education.

Digital Developments

From dream to reality. Seattle-based technology product design and development company Artefact, shared their work with DreamBox Learning of designing and developing a new Insights Dashboard, an intuitive, actionable app that features real-time data visualizations for educators. Another example of the innovative work of DreamBox Learning in building unstoppable mathematicians.

Cue the Opening Bell. Noodle launched Noodle Markets, dubbing themselves as “the first marketplace for K-12 education.” But, before you buy, check out the Smart Series Guide to EdTech Procurement.

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