EdTech 10: Giving Thanks Where Thanks is Due

In addition to the 1,500+ innovative leaders we shared for the 3rd Annual Smart Lists, for Thanksgiving we are thankful for this year’s positive news that we’ve been following weekly for our EdTech 10 series. This weekly summary has shone a light on the forward-leaning, positive progress in EdTech.

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Blended Schools & Tools

Piloting progress. Digital Learning Now (DLN) launched their new EdTech Pilots report that looks at how members of the League of Innovative Schools try out, evaluate, and ultimately purchase the technology that ends up in classrooms. DLN recently joined us setting out to help school district leaders navigate the procurement process in the Smart Series Guide to EdTech Procurement.

Dollars & Deals

Smart Parents. Bay area-based Innovate Public Schools will be receiving $1 million over the next four years from New Profit to support parents to become the leaders making change happen in their communities by providing accessible information on the problems and solutions in education, and partnering with districts and charters to create more high-quality schools. In Smart Parents: Parenting for Powerful Learning, we explored the role of parents as involved, informed, intentional and inspirational leaders.

Raising the bar. PresenceLearning Inc., 3rd Annual Smart Listers for their work in online speech therapy, raised $25 million led by growth equity firm Catalyst Investors.

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