EdTech 10: Innovation for Equity

The Getting Smart team is back in the office after an inspiring week at the iNACOL Blended & Online Learning Symposium. The focus of this year’s event was “Innovation for Equity.” Check out this collection of top tweets that shows how the more than 3500 participants met that goal.

Meanwhile, in Anaheim, the annual Educause Conference brought together innovators in HigherEd. This week’s top ten represents innovation in classrooms and campuses coast to coast.


1. New AI Nanodegree

We recently discussed how Smart Machines Will Eat Jobs (Except Where Smart People Create Them) as part of our #AskAboutAI series. Check out these related posts on Living With Smart Machines and the importance of Talking to Kids About AI.

Digital Developments

2. EdElements Touchpoint

Touchpoint, designed to support districts managing personalized learning initiatives, is the first tool of its kind to simplify the change management process through organizing resources, timelines and actions.

3. Idaho Student Badging

We recently shared how Del Lago Academy in California is also Rethinking High School by offering student badging along with several other innovations in learning.

It’s A Project-Based World

4. PBL = Better Life Skills

As part of our “It’s a Project-Based World” series, Getting Smart and Buck Institute for Education partnered on a Preparing Students for a Project-Based World guidebook that includes A Quick Start Guide For Students. To learn more about this series and how you can contribute, go to the Project-Based World page.

5. State Profiles in Innovation

6. #CCR Report

Higher, Deeper, Further, Faster Learning

7. HigherEd on the Horizon

8. HigherEd Surge

9. Digital Credentials

10. Mixed Reality Pilots

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