Adapts to the individual student

The right next lesson at the right time deeply personalizes learning. Driven by Intelligent Adaptive Learning(TM) and continuous formative assessment, DreamBox analyzes thousands data points per student for an online math experience that’s always “just right.”

Make math real and relevant

Our teacher-designed curriculum aligns to U.S. and Canadian standards. Students gain conceptual understanding and real-world problem-solving abilities with our interactive standards-aligned online math tools in English and Spanish. DreamBox makes sense for students at grade level, and for those who need intervention or enrichment.

Develop skills and closes gaps fast

DreamBox ensures students understand concepts before moving on to new lessons. The difference is the ongoing identification of gaps in student understanding and in-the-moment feedback that motivates students to persist, progress and achieve confidence in their abilities.

Empowers with actionable Data

Actionable reports and data drive better teaching and learning. The unique adaptive learning platform that personalizes learning also generates what you need to know to help students meet their full potential. Teachers can more effectively target instruction, and administrators can ensure strong implementation through the use of value-added data.

Sample Lessons

Over 2,300 engaging, standards-aligned lessons that are proven to build problem solving strategies, hone critical thinking skills, and develop math fluency. Experience them in English or Spanish.

Try sample lessons

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