EdTech 10: Leadership Lessons

Blended Schools & Tools

1. Meeting Broadband Goals

Digital Developments

2. Student-Centered Learning Research

3. Rapid Reading

4. National Distance Learning Week

Dollars & Deals

5. EdTech Acquisition

Stem Gems

6. U.S. DOE EdSim Challenge


7. Mobile Millennials

Check out our new website sharing stories around how Millennials are carving out their own paths in life and career at generationdoityourself.com, as well as this great toolkit we created to inspire and get this generation started on their paths.

AskAbout AI

8. Machine Intelligence Impact

Speaking of the impact of machine intelligence, we discuss how Smart Machines Will Eat Jobs (Except Where Smart People Create Them) in our latest #AskAboutAI post.

Social Emotional Learning

9. K12 SEL

In our latest podcast, Dr. Dan Siegel of Mindsight Institute discusses the importance of promoting SEL while working with teenage students.

Teachers & Tech-ers

10. Teacher PD Transformation

Kettle Moraine School District Superintendent Patricia DeKlotz discusses how she has shifted teacher professional development in her district to focus more on true teacher needs in this podcast.

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