4 Hardest To Collect Achievements In Gaming

Pride of every gamer, gaming achievements are one of the best charms of virtual gaming. Achievements in Judi Online are a good way to flaunt your gaming skills to a friend and/or competitor. Most importantly, these accomplishments enable you to amp up your levels in the game and make a berth in the list of top scorers easily.

The post below offers a brief on some of the hardest achievements players crave to garner in online gaming.

  • Platinum Trophy in Metal Gear Solid 4

You must earn the Big Boss Emblem and complete the game within 5 hours.

The Platinum Trophy is undoubtedly one of the highest in-game honors for any Meta Gear player. The primary way to earn the achievement is to play the game 8 times. One of the most important things to collect here is the much coveted Big Boss symbol. If you can play the game without killing anybody, without getting killed, without health recovery goodies and without alerting guards- no one can stop you from Big Boss. But then, you will have to wrap up everything within 4 and half hours.

  • Bladder of Steel Award- Rock Band 2

Yes, this one is a hard nut to crack. To achieve this award, one has to complete “Endless Setlist2” sans failing or pausing a single track. You think it’s simple? Well, the catch is the entire period of Setlist lasts for 6 freaking hours!

  • LASO Master- Halo

Another tough number on the list, Laso Master achievement demands players to complete the entire LASO playlist and that too for each Halo game. Put simply, to earn this high profile achievement, you must complete all the 4 Halo games based on Legendry level.

  • Seven Day Survivor-  Dead Rising

Probably the most difficult of all, this achievement demands a somewhat similar condition as Bladder Steel. The only exception is that in this case players must play for as long as 14 hours! Not only that, you should play the game in the tough Infinity Mode only if you want to aim for this feat.

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