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3 Tips In Selling Products On Instagram

Instagram may be known as a social media program but they’re also quite popular for being an ideal avenue for online shopping. You can find tons of items to your liking and buy them online. Instagram users sell these items and have them delivered to you once you’ve paid. It’s a really hassle free shopping experience.

If you’re an online seller and would like to optimize your Instagram account into selling your items, here are a few tips you can take note of so you can get more views on your store:

Put All The Necessary Details

An online shop must have all the important details so customers can easily know how to contact you, how to place their order, where you are located, what your store hours are and other vital information that they need. It must all be there easily viewed for them to see.

Be sure to put up a profile picture as well. This is just as important as those details. This ensures you have an identity and you are not a bogus seller.

Advertise Your Posts

Instagram has a feature for business sellers to advertise their posts. You set up a budget, for how long you’d like your post to run and the coverage of where your post might show up. This is very helpful and can bring a lot of views to your online shop.

Instagram Stories

Make use of Instagram Stories. This feature can be found by users on the very top of the page and is mostly viewed first than the posts so you’re sure this is seen at once. Create simple slide shows with Stories, attach stickers, location and expressive emojis. This is a fun way of advertising your shop.

Instagram is a great platform for online sellers. Not only are they able to market their shop but this is also a way in garnering followers like what they say in Turkey, “Instagramda takipci satin alma yollari.”

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