10 Reasons Blog Quizzes Are the Best Blogging Hack Ever

Blog quiz is an important feature of blogging basics 101, and one that many bloggers tend to overlook. Let us take a look at why blog quizzes are the best blogging hack ever!

  • Blog quizzes are fun

Having some interesting and fun blog quizzes can make visiting your blog memorable for your readers.

  • Blog quizzes increases email list

When your readers submit their email ids before they start taking the quiz, it leads to an increase in your subscribers and email list.

  • Blog quizzes can increase traffic

It is natural human tendency to want others to enjoy what they enjoyed. If your blog quiz succeeds to capture your reader’s attention, he/she is going to share it with his/her friends as well!

  • Blog Quizzes can help generate income

With an increased traffic, you can also expect some income. For example- more impressions/clicks on your ad banners.

  • Blog quizzes are easy to create

This also means you can save some time with blog quizzes.

  • Blog quizzes are creative

You can customize your blog quiz and bring out your creative side weaving an intriguing quiz for your readers.

  • Blog quizzes are fresh content

Blog quizzes are a good option for fresh content for your blog when you’re unable to find time to create new content.

  • Blog quizzes help understand readers

Hosting a blog quiz on your site is a nice way to read your audience’s minds. Once you do so, you can incorporate same in your blog content.

  • Blog quizzes help get new ideas

You can ask your readers about their color and font preferences, also how frequently you should post.  Now redesign your blog and blogging schedule.

  • Blog quizzes and social media

When your readers share your blog quiz results on social media, your blog attracts traffic, and your social media handles become more popular.