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2 Photo Blending Applications That Provide You Double Exposure Effects 

Clicking pictures and editing them has become mandatory for everyone. This is because the effects give the picture a different and unique look and make the picture 100 times better than the normal one. Photo blending applications are mostly used for adding effects to the pictures as they have everything in it which will make your photo a good one. Earlier, these photo blending applications were offered in the computers themselves, but now it has been introduced in smartphones, making it easy for people to blend their photos.

There is a feature named double exposure, which is present in these photo blending applications. This feature allows a person to add two exposures in a single picture, making it look more tempting and beautiful. There are only some of the picture blending apps on the internet which provide this feature to their users. You will not find it on any other platform. Let’s check out some of the applications with double exposure effects in them. 

  • Image Blender 

This is a paid application, and you have to pay approx. $3.99 for this application. You will only get this application on the ios devices as it only supports Apple devices. Iphone users can quickly use this application for applying multi-exposure effects or making overlays in a picture. All this can be done with just a single click.

  • Enlight

You have to pay $2.99 for getting this application. This is also made up for ios users, and they can quickly get this application on their device. This application has so many different features in it rather than just giving double exposure effects to its users, which has become the reason for it being a popular application.

Summing up 

The above-mentioned applications have been proved to be the best in providing double exposure effects to their users.  

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