17 Handy Tips for Regular Car Driving

Driving is not a chore. It is an art, and a privilege which many yearn to master but very few are able to. As for those few who have become competent drivers, they often tend to forget about the basic courtesies and finer aspects they learned at their safe driver service.

Fret not, as it happens to all of us. And to ensure that it doesn’t happen again, here Listing out 17 Handy Real-Time Tips to Follow for Your Regular Car Driving

  • Properly adjust your viewing mirrors, seats and driving controls prior to putting it in gear. You can also put a memory position if possible to avoid doing it again. Most car modern-day car owners do this.
  • Always sit straight (this isn’t your living room sofa or recliner). Keep your hands on the wheel and your chest about a foot away from the airbag segment. Also, set a proper driving position so that you get a clear line of sight of the traffic lights beneath the windshield frame.
  • Always use turn signals whenever necessary. Also stop diddling with the radio, speaking over the phone, or even reading or eating. These are distractions which can increase your risk of a collision. Always focus on the traffic lights and whenever they change.
  • Pay more attention and maintain sufficient trailing distance if you’re driving an SUV, Pick-up, Ute or a tall van. These cars take up more mass on the road and require slight adjustments from you to keep yourself and others safe on the road.
  • Fasten your seat-belt always. This is a non-negotiable rule. And if you are travelling with others, make then do the same.
  • Keep 9 and 3 o clock hand position on the steering wheel. And look to drive at a safe, moderate speed. Look to steer responsibly, and when to hit, the brakes don’t do it abruptly.
  • Never drop the clutch at some stop sign or red light. Also, avoid launch controls at a stop sign.
  • Avoid pumping the brakes aggressively if the car features anti-lock control. Also, keep the stability control on
  • Allow motorbikes a wider berth in comparison to other vehicles 
  • Drive predictably at a steady rate of acceleration and obey the road rules. You should drive as if you are a part of the society and not like you are trying to evade one.

  • Always check the tyre pressure and if patching up is needed, get it done by an expert immediately 
  • Never creep out too far in an intersection. Scan all sides of the road properly and if a vehicle is en route, allow them to pass. Move forward if everything is clear.
  • Avoid using cruise control in inclement weather like snowing, raining, etc. Drive according to the levied speed limit.
  • Always take a break every 90-minutes, especially if you are embarking on a long trip.
  • Avoid driving if both your car’s headlights and taillights are not working
  • Avoid driving in flooded roads
  • Never blast your music too loud so that you fail to hear sirens or other cars approaching you from behind
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